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Wedding Event Organization

Is there a Day-of-Event Supervisor?

Yes! A Sunflower Farms event coordinator will be available throughout your event rental.

Sunflower Farms Venue

How many guests can Sunflower Farms accommodate?

175 guests maximum is the number of guests we can accommodate for.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is a 50% non-refundable deposit on the day of your reservation. The remainder is due 60 days prior to your event. In the case that you need to cancel, you will forfeit a portion or all of your deposit depending on notice that is given and our ability to rebook the date.

Are there any additional fees?

There will be a refundable $300 cleaning deposit and a refundable $500 damage deposit. We will assist you in acquiring insurance for your event. The policy is typically around $285. Lastly, is alcohol is being served, a banquet permit is required per Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Is smoking allowed on Sunflower Farms property?

Sunflower Farms is 100% non-smoking venue and property.

Is Sunflower Farms a LGBTQIA friendly?

Absolutely! All are welcome at Sunflower Farms.

Will there be space family and friends park their cars?

Yes. Your guests will be directed by parking attendants to the on-site parking area at the time of their arrival.

What are the options for restroom facilities?

We have a fully functioning restroom trailer with flushing toilets and a hot/cold running water system.

Is the property ADA accessible?

Our grounds are fully ADA accessible, with the exception of our parking lot. That is located in the meadow.

Food & Beverage

Will I need to provide my own liquor license?

yes. You will need to work with your caterer to obtain the proper permit.

Are we allowed to choose our own event caterer or do we choose from a select list?

At this time, you may select your own caterer. All selected caterers must be approved by Sunflower Farms.

Is hard alcohol allowed on property?

Alcohol can be served, but must be served by a licensed bartender though a permitted caterer. See the provided guidelines listed on the Washington State Liquor Control Board website.

Will I need to provide my own liquor license?

yes. You will need to work with your caterer to obtain the proper permit.

Ceremony & Reception

Is there a backup plan for inclement weather, should we decide to have an outdoor event?

That will depend on how you choose to utilize our three location options and how many people are attending your wedding and/or event. With prior approval, a tent may be allowed.

What time does our event need to end?

We offer a 12-hour rental period from 11:00AM to 11:00PM. Per Kitsap County regulations, all music and activity must be shut down by 10:00PM. You will be required to complete your portion of clean up/take down from 10PM to 11PM.

Do you provide rehearsals

Yes. We offer a two hour window on the Thursday prior to your event.

How much time I have to set up my wedding or event and can I purchase additional time?

Set up must be completed during your 12 hour rental period. We offer an additional hour for purchase at $200 on a

case-to-case basis.

Who is responsible for setup and take down? What is the time frame for this?

Sunflower Farms will be in charge of setup and take down for all the tables and chairs based on the layout you provide. Beyond that, setup, take down and clean-up is up to the renter. Setup may begin at the time that your rental begins and take down must start at 10PM at the latest.


Does Sunflower Farms provide decorations, arbors, etc.?

Besides the build-in arbor that remains on the terrace, Sunflower Farms only provides tables and chairs.

Are celebratory send-off materials, such as confetti are allowed?

We welcome bubbles, flower petals, etc. Anything that may remain must be swept up. Things such as fireworks (with the exception of sparklers) and rice may not be used as far as decor, we allow most all decor. Candles must be in a container that is taller than the flame. Any decor that needs to be hung may be doable by use of double-sided tape, push pins, or tacks. Staples and nails are not to be used.

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