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We are so glad that you are here. Sunflower Farms is a family-owned and operated event venue located in beautiful Olalla, WA. For several years, Bill had been looking for the right opportunity to make our dream come true and then we found the Farm!  At that time, the property consisted of an unfinished barn, large shop, and manufactured home situated on 3 acres of undeveloped terrain. From the moment that we walked the property, although quite unappealing, Bill instantly envisioned what you see today. After two years of hard work, we were able to create what we want to offer our future clients.  

Throughout the entire transformation, we have been very resourceful and have worked to repurpose most all of our materials. As awesome as this sounds (because it really does have its perks), it entails a ton of work and sweat equity! For us, repurposing consisted of taking materials that had been used as something else originally and cleaning them up. This process involved removing nails and staples, cutting to size, plaining and staining. We have loved the grind and have realized how much more rewarding it has been, knowing that we worked our tails off to get here.

Here at Sunflower Farms our top priority has been to create a perfect mixture of beauty and functionality. We believe that it is so important for a couple (or host of any gathering) to have the flexibility to piece together their ideal event. Maybe they would like a ceremony in the Barn and a reception in the Hall- great! Perhaps they would prefer a ceremony on the Terrace and a reception in the Barn- we can do that too! Our main focus at Sunflower Farms is to be as accommodating as possible and to ensure a fun, authentic, and seamless experience!

We hope to see you soon,

The Millers

Welcome to Sunflower Farms

Meet the Team

Bill Miller


Bill is the brains and talent behind Sunflower Farms! He has spent many years in recreation management- hosting events big and small, has owned his own landscape company, but most recently is a Project Manager for a large construction company. It is no wonder Sunflower Farms has turned out so beautiful and immaculate! Bill and his wife of 30 years, Leslie, have always known how to throw a party. Bill is beyond thrilled to be finally living out his dream of doing just that for all of you and making it more special than imaginable! While Bill loves anything that involves his family, he more specifically enjoys road trips, captaining his boat, and putzing around the house, doing any project he can get his hands on!

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Madisen Miller


Madisen (also known as Maddy) is one of Bill’s two daughters. Maddy will be a main point of contact for those that reserve with us! She focuses a lot of her time on social media and overall design of Sunflower Farms, but she also loves to get her hands dirty and get to work! She has every intention of being the right-hand lady to each and every couple, in regard to the venue! Her degree is in social work and although she loved her time in the human services field, she is excited to support and make others happy in a different arena! When Maddy isn’t working you will find her on the boat, around the bonfire, or cheering on the Beavers!

Abby Miller


Abby is the youngest of Bill’s daughters. Similar to her sister, she also puts much focus on social media and crucial design decisions! Abby has been a Supervisor for The Boy’s and Girl’s Club and loved the managerial role, but recently has switched over to healthcare recruitment and client coordination! We are excited for her to utilize her degree in Human Resources Management here at Sunflower Farms! She has always had a love and interest when it comes to hosting and gatherings. Abby spends her free time either running her charcuterie business, tide and treat charcuterie, or being outside, specifically on or around the water. Most importantly, Abby is a die-hard Coug Fan!

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